Get Involved

Interested in getting more involved in the North Texas Chapter? We have several committees available for you to sign up to help out. Below is an overview of the current committees and a form to sign up for those you are interested in joining.

Membership Committee

Committee Purpose: Ensures all members listed on roster are dues-paying both locally and to international. Assists the membership chair in duties related to membership. Updates roster with headquarters at least quarterly.

Outreach Team

Committee Purpose: Plans at least one community service or outreach (school/education) related-event. Assists the outreach chair with any duties relating to community service or outreach events.


Girls in Aviation Day Committee

Committee Purpose: Plans/organizes Girls in Aviation Day. Works with the fundraising committee to raise funds for GIAD events. Recruits volunteers for event-day and provides volunteers with event-day information.


Scholarship Committee 

Committee Purpose: The scholarship committee creates and disseminates all local chapter scholarship information. The scholarship committee must have at least 4 dues-paying members plus the chairperson in order to judge scholarship applications.


Election Committee

Manages nominations and ballots related to the annual election. Disseminates election-related information to membership.


Fundraising Team

Raises money for the operating costs of the chapter and costs of specific events. Works with the fundraising chair to produce a case-for-support and letter of intent for sponsors (See Fundraising section).


Event Team

Assists the program chair in planning events and executing chapter events.


Merchandise Team

Designs and buy merchandise for chapter fundraising efforts and fulfills merchandise orders. Brings merchandise to all chapter events.


Social Media Team

Assists the social media chair in posting on social media, adding people to members-only groups, and replying to social media inquiries.