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WAI-NTX T-Shirt Contest Rules & Details

It's time to design a new chapter t-shirt and we need your help!

We have sold out of our old t-shirts/design and we want to open up a competition before we order more to see what ideas you, our members, have for our very own chapter t-shirts! You can submit more than one design as long as they are submitted before the deadline of May 31, 2023. If you don't know how to design electronically feel free to draw it out and we can work together to get it converted to a digital format!

Please follow these guidelines and instructions when creating and sending your entries:

  1. Take a look at the current chapter t-shirt below to avoid recreating an existing design.

  2. Including the WAI-NTX logo is not required but is strongly encouraged. For a logo file, please click underneath 'WAI-NTX Logo' below to download it in .EPS format for Adobe Illustrator or PNG with a transparent background.

  3. Create your design on a background that is the same color you think would look best for the t-shirt to be. Ex: if you think a blue t-shirt would look best, create your design on a background that is as close as possible to the blue the t-shirt should be.

  4. Submit your design(s) to us using the Google form linked here, below, or in the image above. You will need to log into Google to do this. Please upload designs in a square JPEG or PNG format with the background color included. 

  5. Be sure to save your source files and create a vector image of your design (.eps, .svg). If you win, we will need the source files for printing your amazing work!

  6. Please do not submit any design that is inappropriate or may offend someone in any way.

  7. Please submit all entries prior to May 31, 2023.

  8. Have fun and be creative!

If you have any questions, please email us at

Current T-Shirt Design


Click the link below with the arrow that says 'Logo' to download the WAI-NTX logo in .EPS (for Adobe Illustrator) or PNG format (then right click to save picture).

It's not required but highly encouraged in your designs!

Submit Your Entries

Click the link below with the arrow that says 'Submit Entries' to send us your designs!

Follow the instructions above and submit your entries before May 31st!

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